[FIXED] Publishing order in designer page issue

Hi there
I published 3 designs recently, but they appear in the bottom of my user page :fearful: , while normally the last one published was showing on top of the page. Is this something that you can look into?
See https://pinshape.com/users/13506-morenap, Baby Deer, Teeko and Raccoon are the last ones I published, but show at the very bottom. Every thing else appear in the right order (oldest in the bottom, newest on top)
Thank you

I’ll look into this and figure out what’s going on. Hang tight Morena!

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Hey Morena,

So it looks like we actually don’t have a particular sorting order right now. Adding this to the feature proposal board so that we’ll have a sorting in which the most recent designs show up first on the top of your profile!


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Hi Karen,
Yes, it would make more sense if the newest design would show on top. Thanks for looking into this!

Interesting. Out of all of my designs, only the two most recent ones I’ve uploaded don’t show up at the top. The rest show up in the order of I’ve uploaded them. The most recent two show up at the bottom.

Mmm so I had a talk with our dev team and it seems like that the default sorting that is on right now takes into account a variety of factors (date, popularity, relevance etc.), and as more factors come into play (e.g. some of your designs are more popular; though this may not be the way they’re sorting now), it’ll change its sorting. It may be that in the past, the only thing they had to base sorting off of was date, but now they’ve got more variables. And we’ve never touched that, and kind of let it do its own default thing.

But yup, we should be making it so that it’s sorted by date soon!

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Here’s my chance to bring this up. Why not post the date(s)?
I can understand the business point of view, as to not wanting to present a site that my not be receiving much/many uploads. But from a consumers point of view, it’s nice to see the most recent and dated post, by the designers. That’s a feature that drives a lot of traffic on Tverse (and not MMF). I know a lot of consumers that like to check-in, just to see “what’s new”, on a daily and hourly basis.
It’s just a suggestion, the site as whole is totally awesome.

Hey Gene,

Will look into if this is already part of our proposed changes. If not, well see what the team says :slight_smile:
Thanks for suggesting!

Her Gene, one thing to note is that you can currently see the newest designs, sorted by upload date, they just don’t list the date. You just need to use the sorting option, set to Newest.


@tanya_Wiesner @Gene_Crady @MorenaP
Change implemented! Now newest designs should show up first at the top of your user page :slight_smile:

Hi Karen
My page is still as before, with the newest 3 design at the bottom of the page. Maybe will take a while for the update to take place? Thank you