[FIXED] Not seeing all Uploades in "My Uploads"

I am not seeing all of my uploaded when I go to “my Dashboard” and then go to “My Uploads”. 15 uploads are shown initially and then I click the button “Load More” at the bottom of the page but the displayed uploads remain the same.

TDR Innovations

Hi @TDR_Innovations,

I just logged into your account, and I am seeing the same thing. That shouldn’t be happening, and I’ll bring it up with the dev team— most likely a bug. However, we will soon be revamping the dashboard entirely to make it more user friendly! One of the changes being it’ll be easier for you to view all your designs : )


Hey @TDR_Innovations, we’ve looked into this and it was definitely a bug on our end. We’re working on a fix and you should see your appropriate uploads within the next day or two!

Thanks Karen.

Everything seems to be working properly now.

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