[FIXED] False Low poly design contest entry

there is a problem with the Low poly design contest (of june/july)

you chose a bad filter to show the entry of the contest because it show all the entries from a previous contest based on a partially same tag (or your filter system is bad because you can’t choose ‘equal’ instead of ‘contain’ )

the previous contest used the tag :

the new contest use the tag :

a lot , if not all show entry are bad because of that

Hi fantasygraph,

Thanks for pointing this out! This is mostly due to the fact that the India Low Poly Design Contest was what our Low Poly Design Contest was known as. We eventually opened the contest to worldwide last week, so the old designs for the India contest is transferred over as it’s now the same contest.

The issue with bad/irrelevant designs is because we allow people to enter design contests easily by checking a box when you upload a design. We had hoped this would make things simpler for designers, but we noticed that people have been checking the box regardless of what the contest was. Through that, we ended up getting a lot of irrelevant entries. Right now, what will be done is that entries that are not low poly will not be moved on to judging. A lot of the designs you see now that’s part of the contest actually does not qualify, and will not move on to further stages of judging. So no worries!

We are thinking of removing the easy “check a box and enter” method in the future because it will help decrease the amount of irrelevant entries entered into our contests. Please bear with us while we make this transition!

  • Karen