Finding files of HO scale model Railroad item

I am looking for items that you would find on an HO scale model railroad layout. Accessories like crates, pallets, oil drums, structures, any thing for HO scale railroads.

Seem to be quite a few h0 items on pinshape. You should be able to search it easily enough. Any general miniature terrain (of whatever scale) should also be easy enough to scale to h0.

I have been trying to come up with ideas for designs I could sell on Pinshape. Model Railroading was one of my demographics I was thinking of getting into. I would like to talk with you more John and pick your brain on weather this would be an area others would be interested in too and what kind of things could be created for model railroading. I had thought about containers, pallets, barrels, crates and so on. They would be one color but you could paint them after you have printed them. If you’re interested in talking let me know and I’ll send you my contact info.