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Facebook login not working?


When i try to log in using facebook it won’t work and comes up with ‘Could not authenticate you from Facebook because “Invalid credentials”.’

is this happening to anyone else because I tried looking it up and it would appear to be a problem with the coding of the site.

this just happened out of the blue, one day it worked and the next it didn’t.


Same problem here. I can’t access my account. It’s been this way for about 2 weeks


Thanks for reporting this issue with Facebook sign in. We will look into what’s happening here and reach out to you with an update shortly. - Lauren from Pinshape


The Facebook login should be working for you now. Please let us know if you continue to have issues with it!


still having this issue after a year


my first account with facebook does not work anymore. I had to open a second account.
How can I use the first one ?


Échec de la connexion: Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser Facebook pour vous connecter à cette app ou ce site web, car il y a un problème avec l’implémentation de Facebook Login.

Hello that the message error I’ve got. How to connect with my Facebook account please ? Best regards,


Go into your Facebook Developers app settings, to advanced settings, header
‘Authentication’ . The App Type is set to ‘Web’ which I think is right.
Even though i have changed it to ‘Native/Desktop’. Then also I am getting
the same error.
Now you are saying that “if you decide to downgrade omniauth, things should
still work but you need to get a new authorization code.”

Hope this helps.