Easiest 3D designs to print on Pinshape?

I recently just got a flashforge creator pro. Pretty excited about it! I’ve only ever printed stuff off once or twice before on my cousin’s printer.

What’s some easy to print models on Pinshape? I want to start building up a collection of printed things, but I know a lot of models require a bit of work before they turn out well. I’m looking for things that print in place, and are ready to go. Want to test out my printer and build up some confidence before I move on. Any suggestions?

  • Allie
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Do a search for support free. There are plenty of free and paid designs that should pop up under this search term that don’t require print supports. Maybe start with the support free cactus by
Bruno Bellamy? Once you are comfortable enough with you printer you could try some of the more advance designs that need supports to print with.


Hello Allie,

You’ve just given me a great idea for a blog post :slight_smile:

Definitely support-free ones would be good. If you wanted some print in place, and less hassle pieces, try 3DKitbash.

^This is a design that many people use to test out their printer.


I think many vases designs are easy to print. Mostly printing upwards, and after finishing you remove it off as whole! This may work good :slight_smile:


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Yes. That is my fav too. And cute-to-boot.

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@guimauves “Super Treefrog” is definitely a great model to start, as it’s a fine improved version of the most famous Treefrog on Thingiverse, which design is appreciated by 3d printing users all over the world!
This model will print as is, no need of support. Enjoy!


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Oh, i never knew where those frogs were from but I’ve seen them before! Very cool. I printed the jolly boat and it came out well :slight_smile: Think I’m going to try my first “streaming” with the frog!

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