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[Download] Neck Deep All Distortions Are Intentional Mp3+Zip Album


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After an afternoon of social distance biking, Matt West and Ben Barlow; along with the rest of Neck Deep hopped online to discuss their new album, how they have been spending quarantine, and what the future of music will look like.

Their newest album, All Distortions Are Intentional, out in July, is a release that will mark a difference in the band, showing growth and showing a maturity of sound.

Vocalist Ben Barlow says that it’s an album that is meant to be listened to as an entire consistent piece rather than a collection of singles.

A Neck Deep record isn’t complete without that slow jam fan favourite, and ‘Little Dove’ has the potential to give the OG fan fave ‘A Part Of Me’ a run for its money. While it doesn’t feature a female counterpart, it does have a hint of that summery banjo driving the track and lyrically pulls at your anxieties. Its acoustic-pop sensibilities is sure to calm your overreactive mind and set the paces on a slower note for a moment. “Lately I’ve been pretty down and I don’t know why…” will speak out to many people’s vulnerabilities and holy wow, it’s what we all need to hear sometimes.

Last Friday, Wrexham pop-punk greats Neck Deep introduced fans to the fascinating world of Sonderland via new single Lowlife, and the announcement of their highly-anticipated fourth record, All Distortions Are Intentional.

To coincide with this huge news, the band – brothers Ben and Seb Barlow, Dani Washington, Matt West and Sam Bowden – hit the cover of Kerrang! this week for a very special interview about everything that’s coming our way within this conceptual new sound and place.