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Download [HQ]HAIM Women In Music, Pt. III Zip-Mp3 Album


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The recent Epix docu-series “Laurel Canyon” made music fans nostalgic for the Los Angeles rock enclaves of the 1960s and early ’70s, but three sisters who were raised just over the hill from that glen stand poised to inherit the mantle of queens of L.A. rock.

Over the last several weeks, the world has changed pretty quickly. And for HAIM, those changes meant the band had to make the tough decision to postpone its upcoming album, Women In Music Pt. III, until later this summer. But even though the sisters of HAIM can’t tour right now, they’re still around to chat. Danielle, Alana and Este of HAIM joined me from where they’re self-isolating to discuss that decision and to talk about the songs they’ve already released from the record. Even though they can’t all be together right now, you can still hear the love and support between them, and that’s a theme that carries over into their new music. I chat with HAIM in just a moment, but first, from the forthcoming record, we start the session off with a performance of “Summer Girl.”

“We grew up along Laurel Canyon on the Valley side, north of Ventura [Boulevard], in a city called Valley Village, which we affectionately call Valley Vill-ahh-ge, to make it a little more chic,” says Este Haim, 34, the eldest of the trio. “And we were, what, three or four exits away from Hollywood? But it still felt really far away. When I got my license, and got a car with a sunroof and a f–ked-up CD player with my bat mitzvah and chore money, I would get Danielle and Alana and drive over Laurel Canyon to get to the Roxy and Troubadour. And in our new song ‘Los Angeles,’ we talk about going over Laurel and speeding down Crescent Heights.”

But, adds Alana, the youngest, at 28, “in a weird twist of events, that song is not even really about our love for L.A. It’s about us falling out of love with it.”

There must be some alternate reality where Danielle, Este and Alana — the sisters HAIM — are the tough-talkin’-but-tender co-owners of a deli. They’ve got the best pastrami in town, never skimp on the smoked salmon spread and get their pumpernickel from the nice old man down the street. They dish tough love to young folks, experiment with weird schmears and hug-it-out over bad breakups. At the very least, it’s a heart-warming sitcom idea.

Tracklist >>>

  1. Los Angeles

  2. The Steps

  3. I Know Alone

  4. Up From A Drema

  5. Gasoline

  6. 3 AM

  7. Don’t Wanna

  8. Another Try

  9. Leaning On You

  10. I’ve Been Down

  11. Man From The Magazine

  12. All That Ever Mattered

  13. FUBT

  14. Now I’m In It

  15. Hallelujah

  16. Summer Girl