Don't seem to be able to download anything

I’m probably being monumental thick I’m guessing i click on the green button to the right of the page that says free but it doesn’t do anything other than change colour i went on the main page and clicked on a button that said down load and again nothing is there a button I’m just not seeing or do i need to be verified or something… its pretty frustrating.

I cannot help you, but since no one else around here seems to want to answer questions, I wanted to at least confirm that I too am experiencing the same troubles. Hopefully SOMEONE will bother to reply to the unanswered questions posted here.

thanks for replying, aparently theres a few problems with the buttons at the moment i right clicked on the button and in the menu box clicked on the download from link button and it seemed to work i hope that helps

Hi all, our apologies for the late reply! We were indeed experiencing issues with our download button but those have since been fixed. Please reply to this thread or email me [email protected] if you have any further issues. Thanks!