Cr 10 mini won't print correctly all of a suden

So, long issue short…I have. Cr 10 mini, print with cura with no issues. Had laptop repair and got windows 10. Reinstall cura 4.6.1 printer stopped running creality prime line on y axis, instead homes, lifts, blob primes, lower to print and hardly extrudes. Run a bed level alive I have had since before laptop repair and it is perfect! Has prime line, sticks and extrudes great. I have done everything mechanical, clean hotbwnd which was fine. New nozzle, checked e step etc. Reinstalled cura 4.5 twice and reset all settings. Same issue even when trying with ideamaker sliver though somewhat better. I can still run my level check perfect. I have been able to get some prints but look under extruded though I know no clogs or step issue. Just very sloppy all of a sudden. Only change was laptop upgrade. Whole it was down I packaged filament for storage and cleaned,lubed and checked machine. At a loss and curas GitHub apparently requires more education then I can afford…it has to be something from a code stand point but what and why? ANY ideas anyone?? Trying to get some video of prints but no luck.

Did you figure out your problem yet? I’m having a similar issue with my Tronxy. Mine’s not a code issue, unless the printer is suddenly reading the code wrong, because I tried to print a saved gcode file that printed fine before.