Comment order?

Hey guys at Pinshape,

Wondering what the order was for comments. It gets confusing when I return to look at my comments, only to realize the order is all wrong. Please see attached screenshot.

The correct order should be me commenting about the timelapse, then Bruno replying thanks, it took him trial and error. And then the latest would be Bruno saying he’s got a cactus pot, which makes sense it’s at the top. But the bottom comments get mixed up in which order it was actually posted, since if Bruno replied thanks, it should go on top of my comment because it was made more recent in time than mine?

I’ve noticed this not only for this one chain of comment. Not sure if it’s a bug?

And this is the link to the page if the screenshot is too small.

Hey Codie,

We’ve jotted this down as a bug and will look into it in the near future. Thanks for pointing this out!