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Can't upload STL files


Whenever I try to upload an STL file I get the message the the max size is 100 MB. But none of the files I’ve tried are nearly that big. And they upload to Thingiverse A-OK.


Have the same problem


Sounds like the website has a bug. Do they know about it? Who is the “they” anyway? How can they be notified there is a bug that needs fixing?


I had the same issue…


Here it is Jan 0f 2018 and i see no replies. I mention this because i also have the problem where it won’t accept my .stl files and yes they are under the max limit by a long shot. Also i can not upload an image if the printed file. They (Who ever they are) don’t have a way to email support to get help just the forum.

So Please help. can contact me at [email protected]


I solved my issue with uploading designs. Seems Pinshape does not like to use Windows Edge. Once i switched to Google Chrome i had no problems.