Can I not edit my listing any more?

As I’m getting to know PinShape, it’s patterns of operations and whatnot, I decided I was going to change a few of my listings. I know earlier this week I was able to edit my listings, though I could only find the edit button on my designs page. But even that seems to have disappeared.

I’ll be frank, if I’m not allowed to edit my listings, that’s a deal breaker for me.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for asking.

You actually can edit your item right now, just not in a super easy fashion.

You can go to item you want to edit, and add “/edit” to the end of the URL.

When we launched the redesign, we actually re-built the application from the ground up and are in the process of adding back in all the functionality that we previously had. The ability to use an edit button directly on your design will be back this week.

Thanks for the patience, we are working our asses off to improve everything for you guys and would love any other thoughts about what you love and what you hate so we can create the best experience possible!