Bulk upload

Is there any way to make bulk upload of STL files? Or API to do that? I have much models and this number grows every 1-2 weeks…

Just to clarify are you trying to upload a series of different designs or multiple stl files that make up one design?

I’m trying to upload many different designs where every design is one stl file.

Hi Lubimova,

Right now we don’t have an API. The only automated upload method right now is our Thingiverse importer. Is your work online anywhere? We may be able to help upload some stuff.


Hi! Thank you for answer! Our models not online, yet. We will keep in mind your option, thanx!

Hi Nick,
I tried the thingiverse import function (very clever idea), but does not work for me. I see this message in days on my dashboard :
“Your designs are being imported.
We will notify you once the process completes.”
Is this a very slow process or is it a bug?