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Best Software to Learn 3D Modelling / 3D Design


Regards uncles, pleased to be here with you … to make a little contribution in this forum and in this community, I leave this website so you can download the software free for your 3D models.


As a coder, I prefer to code my designs using a small free application called openscad. If you are more comfortable in a text editor than an art application, then you should check it out. All of my designs here on Pinshape were created using Openscad. Good luck!


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The best software for 3D modeling are:

  1. Auto CAD
  2. Blender
  3. 3D Studio MAX


Depends on what you want out of it. Here are some choices:

Maya - Great all around 3d program.

3DS Max- Similar to Maya but the interface is different and has a slightly different approach to modeling.

Blender - Might be harder to work with, but it’s free.

Sketchup - A tool for quick 3d modeling, but with less features than other software. Good for concept artists that want to block out their composition and lighting quickly.

ZBrush - 3D Sculpting software that feels more like working with clay. Steeper learning curve, but is the industry standard for high detail models.

Mudbox - An easier to use 3D Sculpting software that excels at painting textures directly onto the model. (I wrote a book on this software called "Mudbox 2013 Cookbook" if you need some extra guidance. :P)

Sculptris - Free 3D Sculpting software with less features, but works pretty well.

If you are doing CAD modeling than I would suggest Solidworks, Inventor, or Fusion 360.

There are plenty of others out there, but these are the main ones that I would suggest.


It depends on what you want to do and your requirements. Below are some of the best 3D modeling options:

Sculptris - It is free 3d modeling software. It offers artists lots of freedom to sculpt models with simple tools.

Blender - It is free 3D modeling software with features including sculpting, animation, photorealistic rendering, and video editing.

Sketchup - It is user-friendly and free software. It is the best choice for beginners.

TinkerCAD - It is free online 3D modeling software. It is easy to use tool run in a web browser and it uses Boolean modeling to make objects with shapes and building blocks.