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Best Software to Learn 3D Modelling / 3D Design


Regards uncles, pleased to be here with you … to make a little contribution in this forum and in this community, I leave this website so you can download the software free for your 3D models.


As a coder, I prefer to code my designs using a small free application called openscad. If you are more comfortable in a text editor than an art application, then you should check it out. All of my designs here on Pinshape were created using Openscad. Good luck!


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The best software for 3D modeling are:

  1. Auto CAD
  2. Blender
  3. 3D Studio MAX


Depends on what you want out of it. Here are some choices:

Maya - Great all around 3d program.

3DS Max- Similar to Maya but the interface is different and has a slightly different approach to modeling.

Blender - Might be harder to work with, but it’s free.

Sketchup - A tool for quick 3d modeling, but with less features than other software. Good for concept artists that want to block out their composition and lighting quickly.

ZBrush - 3D Sculpting software that feels more like working with clay. Steeper learning curve, but is the industry standard for high detail models.

Mudbox - An easier to use 3D Sculpting software that excels at painting textures directly onto the model. (I wrote a book on this software called "Mudbox 2013 Cookbook" if you need some extra guidance. :P)

Sculptris - Free 3D Sculpting software with less features, but works pretty well.

If you are doing CAD modeling than I would suggest Solidworks, Inventor, or Fusion 360.

There are plenty of others out there, but these are the main ones that I would suggest.


It depends on what you want to do and your requirements. Below are some of the best 3D modeling options:

Sculptris - It is free 3d modeling software. It offers artists lots of freedom to sculpt models with simple tools.

Blender - It is free 3D modeling software with features including sculpting, animation, photorealistic rendering, and video editing.

Sketchup - It is user-friendly and free software. It is the best choice for beginners.

TinkerCAD - It is free online 3D modeling software. It is easy to use tool run in a web browser and it uses Boolean modeling to make objects with shapes and building blocks.


I checked the site, might want to mention it’s only free for 30 days, not exactly free if you ask me. You still gotta buy it after the trial runs out, so technically free to try not free completely.


Autodesk 3ds Max might also help to the windows user. However, if you get any issue related to D-Link Router Error 103, you can reach us through the website.