Avatar Design Contest

With the Avatar Design Contest in full swing, we’d love to see your progress as you create your design. Use this thread to show off your modelling savvy through images and 3D models as you work towards your final entry.

Hi Pinshape crew - great to be part of the Avatar challenge, I was looking for a brief to cover original character design for my port folio and have really enjoyed the challenge so far.

Here’s my work in progress, I have been chipping away at it over the last few weeks in my spare time. I decided to represent myself as an avatar in the form of a Ram which is my Chinese Zodiac, the images show my initial 2D studies of actual Rams followed by the initial concept of the character.

From the 2D sketches I moved straight into Z Brush, using a combination of the new Z Modeller and digital sculpting. Due to a freelance commission I will only have time to get as afar as an upper body bust. Next week I plan on tweaking the design and cleaning up for the 1st test print.

Look forward to seeing everyone’s creations!

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Hey everybody!
I’m pretty busy too, but I really hope I can finish my piece for this contest! I was looking since a while to make a 3d version of myself, and Nana has been my comic version and avatar for 10 years now, that come natural make a 3D version of me in that style. Here the sketch:

The idea that is behind my art piece is merging together the 2 things I am really into: 3D modeling + holistic care (especially since I discovered I have endometriosis, this new road has really changed my life style and myself too!) I’m still working full time as a 3D character modeler, while doing lots of unprocessed food cooking, daily yoga and Reiki, and seeing a few holistic practicioners to support me in dealing at best with this chronic disease.
Now, all of this is pretty amazing, but… it takes time! That’s mainly why I only can do seldomly modeling for 3d printing in the last couple of years. I mean, I still model at work, but gets harder and harder as time goes by. MY DREAM (and I hope is not so much a fantasy but something that will be made for real in the near future) is that there will be a VR device that can “3d model” my thoughs, so that I can keep doing my body maintenance While I can think and create all the models I’d love to make!!!
That’s the future me, doing 3D modeling and going wild with my fantasy and creativity, while doing yoga or meditation (basically while taking care of myself), so that I don’t need to chose between one or the other!

I’m doing everything in Zbrush and starting with Polysheres. As usual I try to do models that include new personal challenges, so I’m trying to do it as much support-less as possible. This will be also my first piece that is composed by multiple interlocking pieces (previously I only did the cat’s head) so I’m pretty excited for the challenge. This is necessary because of the head size on top of the shoulders, and because I’d like ideally to print in different materials. For instance the visor shall be printed in clear material.

Here I rotated the head a bit upwards for better printing and visibility from a upper point of view. The modeling fluid of though shall be printed as a separate piece as well, in clear filament (I have a ultimaker here, so that’s what I usually model for).

When I get to finish it, I will compose a step by step video, so you can enjoy the full development process. Please let me know what you think!