Attracting Attention to Designs

I uploaded a number of designs a few weeks back. One of them was featured, and so been very successful, but the others have seen a disappointing lack of attention. I have followed the Pinshape infographic, and given my designs interesting titles, images, and descriptions; as well as posting to my various social media platforms. Unfortunately, they are still overlooked, and now getting old by internet standards.

I am curious to know what steps people take to get their designs seen, especially if they have uploaded to multiple sites. Is there anything I can do on Pinshape to broadcast my designs?


I find that yeah older designs do fade away, but every time I post something new it gets a little more attention, and also the old things get a little more attention too. So the “trick” if there is one is to post new things as frequently as you can. The more stuff you’ve posted the more followers you’ll end up with and the more attention each new post gets…