Are there any personal instructors

Like you all "I’ve chosen to make my life more interesting by adapting to the new wave of the future (3d printing); but, unfortunately I really suck at it. So, I’d like to know if there are any personal instructors out there for hire.
if not some of you more talented creators might want to consider it.

For sure I’m not a very talented creator ( :rofl::rofl: ) but maybe I can help you. What are you struggling with? There is a specific area where you think you are lacking of experience or are you looking for a complete guide to approach to 3D printing?
The latter for me is more difficult to explain, expecially here, but if you have a couple of doubts feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer your questions (and maybe others will do it too).

Cheers :wink:

Oh thank you, for the first part i cant get Cura to make g-codes for me to save for printing on my ender 3.
I always get an error sign, even when i download a stl file from thingverse to print.

What kind of error do you get?

i figured it out it need updating.