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Animatronic Bird Armatures

Most of these works are finished and/or have been taken through to their final stages of development but the project as a whole is continuing to grow and new designs and models are in the pipe.

The Mechanical Bird Armature is designed to have the ability to fit the profile of many small birds, ranging from Parrots, Cockatoos, Owls, Peregrine Falcons, Hawks, and any other bird of the same profile.

This kind of device can then be used as a Bird Lure to help aid in the research into raptors, or as a Bird Decoy to help solve pest problems in and around city’s.
Im also making these as animatronic film props 'as well as for use in TV commercials and programs, and theatre props, along with Attractions, exhibitions and maybe even just a party piece to intrigue your guests.

All the parts started out in CAD software with references taken from a taxidermy form.
Those parts are then made using an 'off site, state of the art 3D printing process, and are presented with a professional finish.

Iv worked on a number of these from this Ultra-Realistic Animatronic Owl to Live Characters from films like RIO2

With a combined technology of 3D printing, creativity and the art of taxidermy, im working on specialising in animatronic bird armatures for taxidermists, tv and film, theatre, attractions, and exhibitions 'including conservation decoys for law enforcement agencies, hunting decoys, retail stores, and speciality market displays.
Any of the armatures can be used with hand held radio controlled units or be set up to run a preprogrammed routine, along with an in-house “naturalization code” that performs randomly 'to give that unpredictable gesture that nature has.
The movements are carefully coordinated to fit


At the moment im workign on a few other bird projects so once im able too ill post them also.

Thanks for looking.

Very cool Jonny! I remember seeing a 4th year electrical engineering student group at the the University of Alberta working on something like this.

Do you plan on manufacturing and selling these impressive units in the near future?

Thank you. i am already selling and hiring these and other birds.
One of the current projects im working on involves quite a unique wing design that will allow for it to curl up around the body. this wing mech has 8 points of movement and is being used in an animatronic Puffin.

The whole thing is being printed in Nylon, and then feathered at Pinewood studios and will be ready for the client.

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The new wing mech:

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