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Add 3D printer(s)



I’m using the Geeetech Prusa I3 X. Is it possible to add this one to the printers list?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @jeroen_schrauwen Staff will be around again tomorrow and @Karen should have this printer added to the list for you :smile:


Added @jeroen_schrauwen!


Can you add the Solidator DLP Desktop 3d Printer? It’s no longer manufactured, but there are a few out there in the wild (like mine…). Thanks!


please add a “Multec M200 PRO” or make it possible to add not listet printers.


I’m using a QIDI Tech 1 printer.


I am also using a QIDI Tech 1, as well as a QIDI X-one.


Please add Wombot XL to the list. :slight_smile:

It would also be nice for “other i3” etc for those of us who can’t find our printers on the list

Thank you



is it possible to add the Anet A8 Prusa i3. It has a really large community and I would be really happy to see it in the list of the printers. It’s a really good printer.

really thank you


My printer is Tristarbot M1 and which is sold on amazon now,hope I can find on the list.


I’m using Magnum Education and it’s not on the list.
I doubt there’ll be many other users of the same model, but still I don’t know what to select instead.


I own a Cetus 3d printer and have tried to add it to the printer list. I cannot post any pictures of prints because there is no generic setting to pic from the printers list.


I have a Sindoh 3DWox DP200 printer. I would love to upload some prints but don’t want to make people think what I was made was on a different printer. Can you please add it to Pinshape?


Hello Guys. When 3D printers was first introduced, it was a marvel everyone wanted a piece of. Nowadays 3D printing technology is very much popular in every industry. Due to the high demand and precision it takes to build these intricate machines. Some 3d printers are:

  1. Peachy Printer
  2. MakiBox
  3. Printrbot
  4. Phoenix 3D Printer
  5. Romscraj
  6. The Buccaneer
  7. Solidoodle
  8. RigidBot
  9. RoBo
  10. Deezmaker Bukito Mini
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Not sure why, but the poor little “Tevo Tarantula” seems to keep getting the shaft. No one ever lists this little guy in their databases. If y’all don’t add him soon, he is going to think no one loves him!


Hi guys
my printer is HE3D K200 delta ptinter, is it possible to list my printer?


Hello everyone,
I am having Tevo Torando printer, can this be added in the list.?


Hi. I just got a Toybox printer. Can this be added?