Add 3D printer(s)

Haven’t seen a topic for this so, lets make it so.

I own an AXIOM from Airwolf 3D - I would love to pick that on the list of 3D printers, but I can’t do so - please make it so.

Hi @Luis_Alvarado

This is a good idea. I will put in a word to have your 3d printer model added to the list. We will keep you posted.

Happy printing


Your request to have your Axiom printer added to the Pinshape Printers list was passed along to a staff member.

It has now been added to the list and is labelled as, “Airwolf 3D AW3D AXIOM” Thanks for your patience Luis.

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Thank you - I’m thinking this topic can be used for anyone else in the future to request their printer(s) to be added as well.

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Need the formlabs 2 also.

@chappy Added the Formlabs Form 2! Excited to see some resin prints!

Hi! Could you also add a “DIY 3D printer” or “Self-made 3D printer” or similar to the list of printers?

Hi @Isotalo,

Absolutely, though I do want to narrow down what type of printer you have so that others who are looking through prints for reference can have more useful data! What type of DIY printer is it? A reprap mendel? A huxley?

Well, it resembles a Felix printer a lot. I bought the control board, extruders and build plate from Felix. Then I added some aluminum profile, steppers, linear slides and some printed parts etc. and made a 3D printer :slight_smile: I don’t know how to categorize it.

Haha I suppose that is an interesting case. I guess it’s pretty modified that your print results won’t be quite useful for someone who has a standard Felix printer. I’m going to go ahead “Self-made 3D Printer” :slight_smile:


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There are heaps of DIY printers that originate from the website. I have built and use an Adapto.

I just realized that it is a required field when uploading a print. So I basically had to lie and put something other than what I had (edit: I found the “Self-made 3D Printer” option - Thanks!). Although I do understand what Karen (and the Pinshape Team) are trying to achieve with giving makers the knowledge to recreate the same results as pictured, it does seem like a silly limitation and could possible prevent many makers from uploading prints.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

Thank you,


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Sorry we didn’t have the RepRap Adapto in the printers list for you when you uploaded your print. I will speak with the staff and look at adding in the RepRap printers that are currently missing from the list.

Thank you for bringing this up :smile:

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Hello Chris

That is much appreciated although I am perfectly happy with the Self-Made option as I know it would be very difficult to add every version and variant of 3D printer out there.

The Adapto is a very straight forward build for a beginner though :smile:

Thank you,


Not a problem Jason. The main goal with the printer list is to have specific printers added to it so that Pinshape users can search for prints made by their exact printer :smile:

Although there are instances were a self-made printer has a print to upload, most of the time it will have a name associated with it and so any suggestions for the list are always helpful!

A list has been submitted of the printers that are not currently on the list, this includes the Adapto. They should hopefully be added next week.

Thanks again for sharing!

Hi @neilblue,

Yeah, as Chris said (because he too has asked me about printers), we do want to make more specific printer names just so people can filter their search in advanced search to see prints made with their printer. That way the prints info is more valuable to them. But, it is limiting when users can’t find their printers.

However, we do want to include as many printers as we can. As you mentioned, it is hard to keep track of all the variants out there, but whenever we receive a request for a new printer to be listed, we almost always add it to the list.

Thanks @Chris_Halliday for making a list of RepRaps that are current, and not on the platform yet! I’ve added a list of 56 RepRap printers to the database, so hopefully that helps users find their model if they have a RapRap. That being said, if anyone else has a printer (RepRap or not) that they’d like to add on the list, just let us know!

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Could you please add the Solidoodle 2 to the list? It’s an older model, but still chugging along.

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Added! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

@Karen can someone add PowerSpec Ultra to the list of printers please?

Added :smiley: Cheers!