Accidental submissions to contests

you need to make it so that ppl cant “accidentally” submit to contests that they dont qualify for or are doing it just to advertise! the check box makes it to easy to do that. thingiverse has you add tags with “#open rc contest” manually to enter a contest. i suggest you do likewise. something to make it so ppl cant claim it was accident. lots of irrelevant submissions are filling up the screen. also makes it hard for youto clean up obviously.

Agreed, unless it is a contest where everyone qualifies, like the recent free filament giveaway. The instructions on ‘How to Enter’ didn’t mention anything about a checkbox or tag, yet none of the 4 or 5 prints I recently uploaded got entered into the contest. I was really shocked when I missed out on the contest. Why would anyone NOT want to enter a contest like that when they are giving you a free roll of filament? If anything it should default to CHECKED so you can OPT out if you really want to for some reason.

Hi @john_jonmes, we mainly do the easy submission process to encourage more people to enter. As a result, I do end up clearing irrelevant submissions daily!

And @richard_swika, we responded to your comment on the contest page and I sent you an email followup! Sorry for the misunderstanding— our contest ended a lot sooner than we had anticipated. It started and ended on March 2nd, though the Top Prize is still up for grabs!

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Your job must be like riding a bucking bronco. :horse_racing: I understand completely.

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apparently the submission process is TO easy… and the only enticement they/we need is prizes! thingiverse has ppl enter the contest manually with tags that include the contest, like “#open rc comtest” that way no one can say it was an accident? and the prizes is what is what encourages them like i say… the way it is set up now everyone that sees a checkbox will just click it! wasting your time cleaning up the mess. and ours looking for ideas and seeing what the competition is doing. unless pinverse is not as serious about its site/contests and the ppl that signed up for a well run website. just saying …