80% of my contest entries are not showing up (again)

I had this same issue on the last contest… now i’m having the same issue on this contest…

it’s probably too late now since the contest is being judge now…

i made a video to show how 80% of my contest entries are not showing up on the creature contest. i had similar issues last month… kinda questioning entering contest in the future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SnudGDyppY&feature=youtu.be

Hi Fernando,

Very sorry for the issues you’ve had. On our admin accounts there doesn’t seem to be the same issue, and your entries were all taken into consideration for judging, which finished last week and the winners were announced on the blog (http://blog.pinshape.com/3d-printed-creature-design-contest-winners/).

One thing to note is that some of your designs (including the Groot based models), violate copyright and were invalid entries, which makes them subject to removal from the contest.

Our CTO, Andre, is looking into the issue now and should have it corrected for this and future contests. The one thing to re-iterate is that the bug you are seeing did not affect the results of the contest, so I hope you don’t feel cheated in anyway.

We’ll let you know when it is fixed so you can verify for yourself. Again, sorry for the confusion.

Nick, COO & Co-Founder

I had the same issue with the Creature Design contest and my entry. I just assumed it wouldn’t show up on the feed unless someone liked it and I didn’t submit till the very end of the contest, but I guess that is not the case.

Hi Fernando, Jana,

I wanted to let you know the status of this issue, so here’s an update.

After a LOT of digging and testing, we think we have found the cause of this bug. It looks like when you attempt to upload a design to a contest but get an error (for any reason) when you submit that entry, the contest check box was being unchecked, even though the contest tag was still on the design. This caused our system to ignore the fact that the design was an entry in the contest for the publicly viewable entries page.

We are working on fixing the issue now, and it should be updated soon and no longer a problem for current or future contests. We will also correct the previous entries that don’t sho up on their respective contest pages (so everyone can still see your great work there!).


I am still getting this same bug and my recent model is not showing up in the contest feed.

Same here