3D Supply World

Anyone ever use these guys? http://www.3dsupplyworld.com/

My friend placed an order 2 months ago, and it took him a month to hear that it was back ordered. 2 weeks later he was told that they they expect to have stock “shortly”. Still no tracking info, no responce to voicemails…FYI their customer support phone rings for 5+ minutes then goes to voicemail.

Is this a normal response rate from 3d filament companies? Is my friend overreacting or are they slow?

No. For a company that is supposedly in California according to their facebook this is pretty suspicious or really poor business management. Looking at the website and some comments online, company doesn’t seem very trustworthy.

Agree with Tanya. I also think, sure, it may be cheaper on 3dsupplyworld, but not THAT much cheaper (if you factor in shipping too). If it’s just filament of poor quality, in the end it’ll just go to waste?

Thanks for the thoughts.

I hope my friend gets his filament soon. the amount saved is definitely not worth the hassle of poor customer service & experience.