3D Scanning Apps? Cheap 3D Scanner?

Hey guys,

Not a great designer myself—do a bit of messing around with files here and there.

I saw this the other day on the site https://pinshape.com/items/6177-3d-printed-pumpkin-scan-001
Was really surprised to learn it was 3D Scanned with their phone. Are these programs good? I want to look into getting a 3D scanner (I don’t have a Kinect, but maybe I’ll get one?), but doing it on my phone will basically mean I don’t need to buy a hardware just for scanning.

Anyone used it before? Thoughts?

Hi Codie,

123D-Catch can yield beautiful results with the right lightening. You need to use a really strong defused light source. It’s what Cosmo Wenman uses to get his beautiful scans of museum pieces ( https://cosmowenman.wordpress.com/ ). The problem is it takes awhile to get 70 pictures and it’s very sensitive to movement so not so good for scanning people. A friend of mine has the iSense http://cubify.com/products/isense and you can walk around a person holding reasonably still and get a decent scan in 30 seconds. It gets reasonably good resolution, though if you had a stationary object and perfect lighting you could probably get better with 123D Catch.

I’ve also had some reasonable results with a Kinect but with it having to be tethered to a computer it’s not as flexible. I also recently kick started this https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1545315380/atlas-3d-the-3d-scanner-you-print-and-build-yourse and my parts should be arriving any day. I’m pretty excited to try it.


[quote=“codie_warner, post:1, topic:349, full:true”]
…I don’t have a Kinect, but maybe I’ll get one?..[/quote]

you can do good scan with a kinect BUT only for object of a minimum size of a half shoebox… for smaller object, Kinect is not a good choice… (for the record, the software KScan3D v1.2 is now free and can be used with kinect v1 and v2, and up to 4 kinects )

Those scans look really really good.
The iSense looks cool, not super cheap though :confused:
How much did you pay for the Atlas? Looks pretty neat!

Oh was not aware of the size requirements. Yeah, I’m not thinking about making large items. Most of the things I’d 3D scan then print would most likely be smaller in scale so this is a good point.
But Kinects are so cheap in comparison to the other offerings out there… thanks for your input!

The Atlas cost me 150$ you just get the lasers and electronics & software for that though, you need to provide your own Raspberry Pi and 3D print the rest of the parts. It’s only for scanning smaller items you could fit on it’s turntable (Shoebox size and smaller).


No probs, got an extra Raspberry Pi left over from one of my school terms. Sounds pretty perfect in terms of price and size isn’t a big issue. Maybe will wait a bit for reviews to come out to see how it works. Mind dropping a line on how it works after you get it? Or do you have a blog I should go to where you’ll post a review?

I’ve been meaning to run a blog and update it regularly but I never seem to get around to it :P…I’ll post to the thread when I get the parts and have it up and running…I’ve mostly printed all the bits for it at this point so shouldn’t take me too long to get it running after I receive the electronics

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