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Design Requests

Design Request - My Hero Academy Armor - Tenya Iida (1)
Texture Map For Visually Impaired - Designer Needed (16)
HK417 to M4 Aeg mag adpator (2)
Bike Mount (2)
Print & send? (2)
Longer wristband for Striiv Fusion Bio 2 or extender for original band (3)
A designer for my egg? (2)
Trick to closing a lid (1)
Need design help: Need to build a logo into a 3d christmas ornament (2)
I need someone to design something for me (3)
Can you design for a 3D chocolate printer? (1)
Any designer play Rainbow six siege (1)
Speaker enclosure shaped as a basic childhood rocket ship (1)
New platform to sell your designs (1)
I like to model two caps for a motorbike headlight, is very hard to make it? (3)
Economic opportunity avalible (WORK) (2)
Tunable caps for a marimba's resonator (1)
WANTED : STL File Editor (2)
Looking modeller for wearable cosplay helmet (1)
Beer bottle lock mod (1)
Viking Horn Stand (3)
Black ops 3 Annihilator (1)
Back To the Future (2)
Nerf Drum Disassembly Project (1)
Need a 3d model of an actor made (2)
Nora Valkyrie weapon from RWBY for Cosplay (7)
Nerf Vulcan Ammo Box Lid (3)
Dual extrusion designs (2)
3D Printed Stockings (1)
Kain from legacy of kain (2)