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Bug Reporting

[NOT A BUG] Contest voting ststem (2)
[FIXED] Notifications not clearing (3)
[FIXED] MadeSolid prints Contest entries were not taken into account (6)
Views Count (2)
[FIXED] "Failed to connect to server. Try again later" (Error) (4)
[FIXED] Site Notifications (12)
[FIXED] Publishing order in designer page issue (11)
[FIXED] Forums Color Scheme (3)
[FIXED] Always says "Congrats, you’ve just entered the design contest! " when you upload a design (3)
[FIXED] Shining 3d 25% off coupon link (4)
[FIXED] Tags merging (9)
3D Preview Renders Overexposed (5)
[FIXED] False Low poly design contest entry (2)
Comment order? (3)