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Bug Reporting

HP 3d prints (1)
My Download not available after purchase (2)
I was charged twice for a file (3)
All my pictures turned invisible today (2)
[FIXED] My uploads wont upload (6)
Sunday Upload: Cannot Download files (Hard error), not appearing in searches or "Other designs by Karuuv", or Game Design Contest (6)
Can't upload to game design contest (3)
[FIXED] Can't See All the Pictures of Uploads ( 2 ) (32)
[FIXED] 3D Previews are Broken (8)
Mechanical design contest (6)
Can't upload GIFs (3)
Can't download models (2)
Failed to connect to server. Try again later (5)
[NOT A BUG] Paypal Payments Issue (3)
[FIXED] Thingiverse Import 504ing (5)
When Uploading Print - Drag & Drop Image Tool doesn't work (2)
Dashboard paging failure (relists/hides) (1)
Description ignores formatting (thingiverse import) (1)
Views in Dashboard not working correctly (1)
Within Reach Design Challenge contest exits before any text can be added (1)
Dashboard not working (3)
[FIXED] Upload for contest (3)
Slicer error (2)
[NOT A BUG] Slowww scrolling (3)
[FIXED] Blog Down Database Error (2)
[FIXED] My uploadds not uploading (7)
Can't scroll on feed (4)
[NOT A BUG] My upload dont upload (2)
[NOT A BUG] Cast votes (3)
[NOT A BUG] Insert hyperlink in description box not working (1)